Hi, my name is Filip Miletic (Phil for people around the globe)
Best way to contact me is via email: eaxfilip[at]gmail.com
You can reach me on IRC phlm@freenode
Here you can take a look at my CV

I am currently student at Faculty of Organizational Science – Information Systems and Technology, at University of Belgrade. Previously I’ve dropped out from Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Belgrade), where I’ve studied Electronics for 2 years.

I am mostly interested in low level programming, but I am always open for learning new and interesting things. So I’ve been programming all over the computer stack, from embedded systems to JS. Although I didn’t do much of web development, I got some experience behind my back. Things that interest me the most in terms of Computer Science and Software Engineering are low level programming (graphics and GPGPU, operating systems, hacking), functional programming (I find it really fun and pleasing, I’m more of a Lisp guy than ML type :pun intended:) and using computers as expression/creativity tools. Currently I am mostly doing projects in C, C++, Clojure (I’ve been learning it for some time, previously I’ve been introduced to functional programming with Scheme), Java and Rust (I am getting hang of it slowly). I use Python for scripting and hacking.

My biggest passion related to computers is creativity and finding way to express through code. Having machine at your disposal and knowing how to make it produce end result that you wanted is the best feeling thing in the world. And to be quite honest, like hacking things. I am really into creative coding and creating art with code. I use MaxMSP, Teensy, Ableton, Processing and openFrameworks for various fun things. This has always been the most fun I could get out of computers, hacking and creating something beautiful (both audio and visual).

On non-technology related stuff I enjoy reading, a lot; DJing and collecting vinyl, riding bike and skating with friends. I love animals and hanging out in nature. My main to wishes for myself from the future are to constantly learn and to always be able to freely express.